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Swaggy Dogs 2.0 & Swaggy Cats 2.0 hit the App Store

août 2, 2011

Hi everyone,

Yeah this is summer, yeah this is holiday time. But whatever, at SwAggY Entertainment, even when we work on our games during summer, it’s like vacation because we have great fun doing it!!

So let us inform you that we worked hard for a couple of weeks on upgrading our little pet games:

Swaggy Dogs 2.0 and Swaggy Cats 2.0 hit the App Store last week.

1) We have made design enhancements:

– new Home page
– retina display for iPhone 4

2) We added also a little spoon of social interaction:

– Gamecenter have been integrated (both achievements and leaderboards)
– Openfeint leaderboards

3) And other miscellanous stuff such as

– Push Notification support to keep you informed
– In App Purchase to allow the big fans of our little dogs and cats that don’t want to spend hours unlocking pictures in both portrait and landscape gallery to unlock all the pictures in it for just a little fee.

4) We also made a great improvement for our Lite versions. Guess what? They are no more Lite at all!! So we have changed their name: Swaggy Dogs Lite became Swaggy Dogs Free and Swaggy Cats Lite became Swaggy Cats Free.
Now, both application have the same content that the paid version. No more limitation! The only difference is that in the free versions we added ad support.

So now you can choose easily between both version!

After this short period of time passed on upgrading our Swaggy Collection apps, we are back on track on our next game we are talking about for a couple of months now. We are close to be able to give you full details on the app. We are doing our best to release it in a couple of weeks. But we want it to be a really great game that you love so we take our time to build it to fullfil our expectations.

So stay tuned!!

SwAggY Entertainment

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Ludi Belote reaches 100k downloads !

mars 19, 2011

Hi all,

that’s done! Ludi Belote has just reached the 100 000 downloads on the App Store! An impressive success for such a game based on a french-only card game.

Whatever, we are really pleased to see so many belote players pick up Ludi Belote to enjoy playing on their iPhone.

Next step: the million with our next game? That would be awesome :)

Time will tell. For now, we are working on this next game. It is still too soon to give details about it, we have a couple of months of workload in front of us to finish it. But it is already playable and enjoyable so we are very optimistic. More details on that will come soon.

SwAggY Entertainment

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Swaggy Cats will be free on 01/26 for FGOTD

janvier 24, 2011

Hi everyone,

After several weeks of silence, SwAggY Entertainment is back. We have fill our energy tank (thanks to the Xmas week !) and we are now ready to start 2011 with the pedal to the metal.
To start this year in a good way, on the 01/26 Swaggy Cats will be free for 48 hours for the Openfeint’s Free Game Of The Day operation.
We already did that for Swaggy Dogs and, as a result, we had around 35 000 downloads of the application during the two days of the operation. Is was a great (and free !) visibility opportunity for us.
So, here we go again on the 26th. Don’t hesitate to tell that to your buddies !

Other Swaggy great news :

* LUDI Belote, after reaching the Top 25 in the Game category on the App Store and the Top 40 of the overall ranking, has now around 70 000 players enjoying our game ! This is huge !

* in the coming days, an update for LUDI Belote will be available. It solves the issues that some of our players are facing.

* we are currently working hard on our next game. It will be awesome, we can already tell you that ! We will give you more details in the coming months.

For now, happy new year to you and your family.
Be warned : 2011 will be Swaggy ot will not be at all !

SwAggY Entertainment

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LUDI Belote N°1 !

décembre 29, 2010

Hi all,

just a short post to express our joy:
LUDI Belote is now well installed in the French App Store:

* N°1 for the Card Games category,
* in the Top 20 of the Games category
* in the top 50 of the entire App Store

This is huge!! Currently we have 5000 downloads a day!!

Please, if you installed the application and you’re not one of the few people who face bug issue, don’t forget to let a review on the App Store. It would be welcome 😉


SwAggY Entertainment


Some fresh Swaggy News !

décembre 21, 2010

Hi all,

some great swaggy news for you :

* new updates for the Swaggy Collection apps (i.e. Swaggy Dogs, Swaggy Dogs Lite, Swaggy Cats et Swaggy Cats Lite) are already available on the App Store. They contain minor bug fixes and a new More App popup to make sure the players are informed of all our applications available.

* LUDI Belote, our new application available for 3 days on the worldwide App Stores has a big success in some countries :
While in France it has reached the Top 100 of the Game category (which is a great achievement for us!), in Bulgaria we are hot like summer: the application is N°2 of the global App Store!! We didn’t know that bulgarian people played belote but now we can be sure it’s the case!

* We are currently working on our next game. It can be a hit on the App Store due to its high addictive potential and to its fine sense of humor. We will give you more details in a near future so stay tuned 😉

Have a great time for the coming weeks, happy X-Mas, and see you next year for our new adventures!

SwAggY Entertainment

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LUDI Belote, our new iPhone app, is available on the App Store

décembre 21, 2010

Hi everyone,

It is with a large smile on our faces that we are announcing you the release of our new iPhone application on the App Store :
LUDI Belote.
We hoped that Apple would be quick enough to validate it before X-Mas and here we are!!

For those who don’t know what belote is : it is a very popular french card game (as popular as poker in the US). The game is in french but it’s easy enough to understand it and to play it so give it a try 😉
This application has been developped for LUDI.com who owns an online portal to play to multiple games.
LUDI.com has already a Belote application on Facebook that is very popular (more than 1 million players!) and they asked us to do our best to build a popular application for the App Store. So we accepted the challenge and here we are!

Oups, have we already told you that the application is available for FREE? No? Hum so let us tell you: LUDI Belote is available for FREE! :)
So don’t hesitate to install it!
And please, don’t forget to rate us with a 5 stars comment on the app store if you like the app 😉

With LUDI Belote you will be able to play against a great Artificial Intelligence that has several levels (the difficulty increases progressively during the game). You will also access to a world ranking to compare your score to the best players around the world. A friend ranking is also there so challenge your buddies!
Moreover you will be able to post your scores on Facebook to show how great you are (or how you suck :-D).

As you can see, LUDI Belote is a fine and complete application. This is the SwAggY Entertainment touch 😉

Have fun on LUDI Belote!

SwAggY Entertainment


Swaggy Cats is joining Swaggy Dogs on the App Store

novembre 6, 2010

This is done!

A little more than a month after Swaggy Dogs release, Swaggy Cats and its little cute kitties is now available on the App Store.

It brings you awesome images that are the main ingredient of the different puzzle games you will find in the application: Mastermind, Puzzle, Escape and Memory.

Don’t hesitate to go to the application dedicated page to get all the details and screenshots of the game!

Be curious, test Swaggy Cats (also available in Lite version), you could love it! It’s an addictive game!

SwAggY Entertainment

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Swaggy Dogs is available for free today !

octobre 27, 2010


We talked to you about it in our last post: Swaggy Dogs is free today on the App Store!

So don’t hesitate to install it and please think to rate it on the App Store 😉

We will communicate on the final result of the Openfeint operation in a few days but we are confident that the application will reach several dozens of thousands downloads until the week end!

SwAggY Entertainment

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Swaggy Dogs will be FREE during the FGOTD operation next Wednesday !!

octobre 25, 2010

Hi everyone,

Swaggy Dogs, our last iPhone application, will be proposed for FREE this Wednesday (10/27) on the App Store.
We have been selected by Openfeint to participate to their FGOTD (Free Game Of The Day) operation.

Openfeint selects everyday an application using their social network for gamers. During that day, the application is proposed for Free. As you know, Swaggy Dogs uses Openfeint framework so that is why we had our chance to be selected.

Swaggy Dogs will be promoted during that day on every Openfeint platform (web site, Twitter, Openfeint iPhone app, etc.).

When we realize that Openfeint has more than 25 millions of users across the world we can get nothing but excited by this great opportunity to have our application tested by dozens of thousands of players at once ! It’s a great way to improve our visibility on the App Store !

So we are waiting patiently for this Wednesday and we hope that you will follow us too 😉

Please spread the word around you as this operation is really important for us and so we would like to make sure that plenty of people are aware of the fact that Swaggy Dogs will be available freely on Wednesday.

Thank you.

SwAggY Entertainment

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septembre 25, 2010

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that our first iPhone game, Swaggy Dogs, in collaboration with the web site thechien.com, is now available on the AppStore (price: 0,99$) and its Lite version as well (price: Free).

For all the details on the game, we invite you to go to the dedicated page here

We encourage you to:
1) install Swaggy Dogs Lite
2) write a comment on iTunes because those comments are one of the main keys to increase the visibility of the application and to incite other people to be curious and to install the application
3) and if you appreciate the application, don’t hesitate to upgrade to the Swaggy Dogs complete version
4) as a bonus, if you can spread the word about the release of Swaggy Dogs on Facebook or Twitter it would be awesome!

And obviously, we are open to any feedback you could share with us through the comments of this post about the application (here is a better place than iTunes for that kind of comment as we are not able to answer to iTunes feedbacks).

Thank you very much and have fun with Swaggy Dogs!

SwAggY Entertainment

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