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Sorry? It is 2010 and you still do not have any iPhone / iPad application to promote your company?

Start with us! SwAggY Entertainment offers you a simple and quick solution to implement:
our gaming platform named Swaggy Collection , from which come Swaggy Dogs (a free trial version can be downloaded here), Swaggy Cats and many more in the future, is a platform bringing together different brain games (puzzles, mastermind, memory, etc.). These games can be easily customized with colors and theme of your association, company or enterprise.

To better understand what we offer, let’s see a concrete example:
You’re a tourist office. We will then replace all the dog pictures shown in Swaggy Dogs with pictures of monuments and other points of interest of your city / village / resort. All the games of the application will also be designed on these photos, your photos! And of course all the packaging of the application will also be customized with your logos and colors common. In short you’ll be able to offer iPhone users your application, with your colors, containing your information (RSS) and provide them with great entertainment through several simple games based on your own photos.

This principle can be applied to a bakery and its products, a museum and its paintings, a company and its visuals, a musical band, a sports club, etc.
In short, whatever your business is, we will offer you the suitable application!

You’re interested? Follow the steps:

– Provide us with all the images you want in the application via your graphics department or marketing
– Work with our creative and design team to give birth to a full customization of our platform adapted according to your graphic, your desires and aspirations.
– Implement together specific developments and options that you want to integrate into the base platform for a custom application.
– Enjoy promoting your company / business / association on the biggest social networks like Facebook and Twitter
– Spread your news using Web 2.0 communication (RSS feed) that we will design for you and integrate in the application.

Starting from a simple architecture and a simple concept, the Swaggy Collection platform can easily fit your needs and allows you, for an affordable price, to own and offer some 45 million iPhone daily users your application and thus be at the heart of modernity. We will help you, through this dedicated application we will build together, to create with your customers and partners a dynamic and modern image.

You want an iPhone application to communicate on your image, we will build it with and for you. Seize this opportunity, contact us!

contact email:

the SwAggY Entertainment team.