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Swaggy Cats

Download the application on iTunes:
Swaggy Cats (price: 0,99$)
Swaggy Cats Lite (price: Free)

Swaggy Cats is our third application. It’s an app based on cats.

It proposes several kinds of reflexion games such as Mastermind, Memory, Puzzles and the one we named Escape and which is an adaptation of the Red Donkey Game.
Each game is based on cat pictures for pawns and cards.

The app contains two different parts :

* the game part in which the player will be able to choose between different level of difficulty and will try to improve his high scores game after game. He will also have to complete a ton of achievements to unlock specific content in the second part.

* the photo gallery part which is in fact an achievement room as a new picture will be unlocked in this gallery each time a player complete an achievement.

To manage the achievements that make the game ultra addictive, Swaggy Cats implements the Openfeint framework which is the most complete and the most used achievement system on the app store right now. Using it, every player will have the possibility to share his achievements through Facebook and Twitter.

Between the challenge of getting all the achievements of the game, the desire to beat their own high-scores and get 3 stars on every puzzle and escape, players will have hours of gameplay!

Swaggy Cats is the second application of our Swaggy Collection (the first one was Swaggy Dogs). It will be followed by other thematic applications in a near future.

Take the time to try the Lite version of Swaggy Cats before buying the complete version. You will have less dogs, less puzzles and less escapes but it is a good way to see if you appreciate the app and want to get the complete one. We are pretty sure you will love this app that we have designed especially for you and which contains many cute cats you will love to play with !

SwAggY Entertainment