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Download the application:
SAGE Calc (price: 1,99$)
SAGE Calc Lite (price: Free)

SAGE Calc is a poker tool that will help you to handle the final heads up in your tournaments and sit and gos when the smallest stack at the table is less than 7 times the big blind (plus the antes if there are).

SAGE Calc is a calculator based on the SAGE (Sit And Go Ending) method. It takes into account the smallest of your stack and your opponent’s stack as well as the blind (and antes if there are). Then, it calculates your hand strength and tell you if you have to go allin when it’s up to you to act in first or to call the allin of your opponent if he acts first or if it is better for you to fold.

So just give it a try and you will clearly understand that with SAGE Calc you will improve your game in the final heads up of your MTTs and SNGs.

If you want to try SAGE Calc you can find a Lite version on the app store.

All the feedbacks you can have on SAGE Calc are welcome to improve the application.
Don’t forget to also rate the application to encourage us to keep the work going. Have fun at your poker tables !!

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