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Technology watch: activity that implements techniques for acquiring, storing and analyzing information about a product or process on the state of the art and the evolution of its scientific, technical, industrial or commercial environment to collect, organize then analyze and disseminate relevant information which will help to anticipate developments and will facilitate innovation.

Technology watch is an important part of our activité at SwAggY Entertainment, it consists to play… a lot and to everything! These 6 words define the SwAggY spirit!

SwAggY Entertainment is:

Boris (developer). Behind his nonchalant attitude hides a workaholic who hates to let the job unfinished (even if he still have to get a few stars at Angry Birds).
At 35, he is the SwAggY-nosaure: He possessed and played to all the game systems of the creation from the Atari 2600 to the XBox360. He is a passionate who touches everything: rapper (4 records released http://le.monaster.free.fr ), golf player (index 16.8), hardcore gamer (he was in the French Mario Kart DS top 20), poker player (and he is a winning one!). Always curious about everything, he listens and gathers all kinds of info. And in early 2010 he felt it was time to spit it all through the creation of SwAggY Entertainment.

His favorite games:
* Super Mario 3 (NES)
* Banjo & Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
* Zelda : Ocarina Of Time (Nintendo 64)
* Chrono Cross (Playstation)
* Red Dead Redemption (XBox 360)
* Tilt To Live (iPhone)

Raph Mau (artwork and design).
If you listen to him he worked tirelessly day and night, but if you watch him he is tired day and night at work. In his world, a day of golf, a party with alcohol or a game of bowling are moments of intense work. As he likes to repeat « this is the price to pay to be able to be creative« . And it seems that his recipe works: very inspired and talented, he is the guarantor of the originality and quality of the design made in SwAggY Entertainment! He handles well both the brush and graphics tablet and even when he swapped for a joystick he does it professionally: he will tell you that it’s part of his work because in fact he does not play, he does technology watch!

His favorite games:
* Street figther II (Super Nes)
* Super Metroid (Super Nes)
* King of figther 95 (Neo Geo)
* Super Mario World (Super Nes)
* Metal Slug (Neo Geo)