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SwAggY Ent. and Sami Barket enter the Unsung Heroes challenge!

juin 23, 2015

Oh! Oh! Oh! So what? You thought that here at SwAggY we would have left with the money earned thanks to our applications to drink delicious cocktails on the wonderful beaches of the Bahamas? Off course not! Ok let’s say that the idea came to our mind a couple of times but Sami Barket had another plan for us and he’s the boss so…
During his trip to Peru we took a long rest (a rest for us is having fun playing A LOT Fifa 15…). Then, to set up and manage our Fifa nights between friends we implemented a cool application on both iPhone and iPad. As we are cool guys we put it on the App Store so you can get it as well. Here is the link to Game League Manager for those who like to keep track of the humiliations they inflict to their friends :) :

Game League Manager (FREE) – App Store

And as every good thing must end one day, Sami left Peru and put a lot of pressure on our shoulders to make sure we promote his trip (and his application) to the maximum. So we decided to enter the Unsung Heroes challenge which is an international competition where the best applications will be rewarded with a crap load a money (50k$, say what??!!).

The challenge takes place on their Facebook page:

Unsung Heroes – Facebook

If you would like to support us here is what you can do, it will take only one minute of your time and it could really help us to make sure Sami can complete his world tour (and give us some fresh air as Sami is pressurizing us like passengers on the NYC subway during rush hours! See what I mean ?!) :

1) Like the Unsung Heroes Facebook page (Unsung Heroes – Facebook)
2) Post a message on Unsung Heroes wall to say that we are the best in the world (including the other galaxies) and join to your post the picture you want amongst the 3 following ones:

(To add the image to your Facebook post, just right-click on it, then Save it on your desktop and add it to your post)

We thank you for your support, this challenge can really offer us a second breath and that would be awesome to be able to make Sami keep going on his world trip to let you meet other members of his huge family and enjoy new gameplays. So take a minute to share your love for our work on the Unsung Heroes Facebook page Unsung Heroes – Facebook

Thank you all and we will keep you posted 😉

SwAggY Entertainment

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Catch Sami is #17 on the US App Store !!

janvier 25, 2013

Hi everyone,

it’s been a long time since our last update here. But we wanted to wait until we have really good news to share with you. And today is the good news day ! Oh Yeah! In fact We are currently #17 of the US App Store with our new version of Sami Barket: Slice Trip, renamed Catch Sami. This is a great achievement for us! And we hope to keep climbing to reach the top!

So make sure to share this news and to notify your friends about Catch Sami if you enjoy the game!

SwAggY Entertainment

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From 500k to infinity

juin 1, 2012


500k downloadsIn this 1st day of June we have something to celebrate: we have just reached the important step of 500k downloads by cumulating the downloads of our different applications. This is a huge achievement for such a small structure as SwAggY Entertainment, especially when our mojo is to give more interest to the quality of our games than to their quantity.

Next step: the million downloads! Let’s hope that we will reach it soon thanks to Sami Barket. Sami, we count on you dude!

SwAggY Entertainment

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Sami Barket is famous but this is Swaggy Dogs and Cats which get a namelift

mai 31, 2012

Hi all

Sami Barket iconAfter two free operations on Sami Barket in the first weeks of May it’s time for the results. We ran those sales without communication of any sort. We just wanted to see the effect of such operation. And what we can say is that: GREAT! During the 5 days of those sales we had 50k downloads, well beyond our expectations (20k max).

It was really interesting to obtain more visibility on Sami Barket because the game was still incognito on the App Store since its release last December. Moreover we realize that Sami is like a star in China :) (35k downloads). That was the good news balancing the bad one : the US still don’t care about Sami and we are still not sure to understand why (perhaps due to the fact that sheep is not a well known animal in that country). Whatever, we really enjoyed those results and we are confident that in the coming weeks we will increase a lot Sami’s visibility thanks to future free operations and to the next HUGE update we are working on for a couple of weeks. This update will bring more levels, more characters, a new gameplay, a level editor and other great stuff so stay tuned!

Other news : we notify you that our applications Swaggy Dogs and Swaggy Cats have their name changed. Now those apps are available on the App Store under the following names :  Dog – mini games and Cat- mini game.
It is easier to keep in mind and to find by using the App Store search 😉
Some promotionnal operations will occur in the coming weeks on both application (for Swaggy Cats it is scheduled this week end). So keep an eye on it 😉

Voilà. That’s all for today.

SwAggY Entertainment

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Some fresh news about Sami and our Belote apps

avril 3, 2012

Hi all,

We have been silent since the release of our big game Sami Barket: Slice Trip, only posting quick updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But other people (in France) talked about Sami and the less we can say is that they speak of him in a positive way:

– Review on JeuxVidéo.com :

– Rsview on ApplicationiPhone.com

– Review on Reactif.net

Despite those articles, the game has not (yet) meet success. We released it last December, hoping to take benefit of X-Mas but the big names (EA, Gameloft, …) low cost offers ruined every indy company hope. Lesson learned!

Nevertheless, thanks to all the great reviews on the App Store we still believe strongly in our game.
We reached an average of 4.5 stars over 1600 reviews so it’s clear that people who played the game loves it!

So we are going to update the game with great content in the coming months. New worlds, new characters, new power ups but also new gameplay and other great surprises that we are currently implementing. I guarantee that all this stuff will make you pleased!
We will also make sure that Sami is more visible on the US App Store because it’s the greatest place to be right now and being visible there means beoing visible everywhere else!

So be prepared: summer will be hot and Sami will be one of the reason of this wglobal warming.

Regarding our other applications, we can also brag a little bit because our 3 belotes apps reached a combined 350k downloads on the french App Store. That’s a lot!
We are going to try to bring Sami to this kind of numbers. He has great potential so it’s time to release the beast under the hood!

Off course, as a player, you are an important gear in the mechanic that make a game successfull by talking about it on your blog, facebook, tweeter or even in real life :)
So keep spreading the kind word about Sami Barket. We need you!

See you soon.

SwAggY Entertainment

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Sami Barket : « I want to reach the top of the App Store »

février 2, 2012


Sami Barket began his journey on the App Store in late 2011. He made ​​his mark. We accompanied him on this adventure by meeting his requests:

1) he wanted everyone enjoys the game he is the hero without worrying about being in WiFi or 3G. So we reduced the size of the application which is now less than 20 Mo

2) he wanted his adventure to be offered to iPad owners.  So we released Sami BarkeT:  Sliced ​​Trip HD last week.

3) he wanted a laudatory article of his game in order to read it, read it again, make others read it … short said, to flatter his ego. We had the chance to meet this demand without really doing anything:


4) Now Sami, loaded with tons of vitamins, decided to storm the App Store, its goal: reach the Top 5 so that the world finds out and share his adventure. We support him in his approach and we will try to help him achieve that goal.

Of course he warned us: « Guys, if I reached the Top 5, you’ll have to get back to work to provide updates, I want to travel to new worlds, make new friends, be prepared to rock the house!  »

We are ready for it.  Sami, is counting on us, we will not deceive him 😉

SwAggY Entertainment

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Sami Barket: Sliced Trip is available on the App Store

décembre 15, 2011

Hi everyone,

SwAggY Entertainment has been created 18 months ago and today is the most important day of our short history:
Sami Barket: Sliced Trip, the game we work on since our creation is now available on the App Store.

Sami Barket

Cindy Looper

We have spent a lot of time and energy on Sami Barket: Sliced Trip and we are really proud of the final implementation of our game.

The first feedbacks we have received are really positive and we are delighted.

You can find all the informations (video trailer, pictures, description, App Store link) about the game on the dedicated website :


Let’s hope that you too will be touched by the Sami Barket fever!!

Whatever your profile is, we are sure that you will love Sami Barket. The game is full of humor, it’s simple to play with many great challenges. Let’s say it out loud and clear: we did the things well and we are confident about the future of this game.

Be curious and install Sami Barket: Sliced Trip (we also released a free version if you want to test the game first) and enjoy!

Spread the word!

SwAggY Entertainment

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novembre 19, 2011

Hi everyone,

And it’s done! After a big success on iPhone (in the french App Store), Belote & Coinche is anow available in HD on iPad. And, obvisouly, this app has been made by us,  SwAggY Entertainment 😉

And as the celebration party is going on, let’s also add the fact that Belote Arcade  has gone beyond the 220 000 downloads and we are really glad about that. Especially when we see the great reviews let by our players on the App Store!

Our next rendez-vous with the App Store is scheduled very soon. So be ready:

Sami Barket is coming on your iPhone before the end of the year!

Until that, have fun playing ton of games!

SwAggY Entertainment

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LUDI Belote & Coinche, King of the french App Store

septembre 1, 2011

Hi again :)

Today is a good day as would say Ice Cube. We are officially the king of the french App Store right now. So it’s time for a little brag with a nice screenshot to immortalize this moment:

As you can see, Doodle Jump took cover on the emergency lane as soon as he got us in his mirror 😀

So let’s celebrate ! Champagne !

Booyakaa !!

SwAggY Entertainment


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LUDI Belote & Coinche hits the Top 5 in the App Store

septembre 1, 2011


Today, Ludi.com has launched a special promotion: for the next 24 hours, LUDI Belote & Coinche price is 0.99$ instead of 3.99$ on the App Store.

We are so far really pleased by the result of this promotion on the French App Store:


To reach the Top 5 of the App Store with our latest belote game is great. And being besides Doodle Jump and Modern Warfare is even better!

Now, let’s hope that this promotion effect will last a bit for the coming days.

Anyway, we are so pleased right now that we wanted to share that with you :)
Moreover, the comments about the app on the App Store are, for the most of them, really positive. That’s the cherry on the pie :)

SwAggY Entertainment

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