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SwAggY Ent. and Sami Barket enter the Unsung Heroes challenge!

juin 23, 2015

Oh! Oh! Oh! So what? You thought that here at SwAggY we would have left with the money earned thanks to our applications to drink delicious cocktails on the wonderful beaches of the Bahamas? Off course not! Ok let’s say that the idea came to our mind a couple of times but Sami Barket had another plan for us and he’s the boss so…
During his trip to Peru we took a long rest (a rest for us is having fun playing A LOT Fifa 15…). Then, to set up and manage our Fifa nights between friends we implemented a cool application on both iPhone and iPad. As we are cool guys we put it on the App Store so you can get it as well. Here is the link to Game League Manager for those who like to keep track of the humiliations they inflict to their friends :) :

Game League Manager (FREE) – App Store

And as every good thing must end one day, Sami left Peru and put a lot of pressure on our shoulders to make sure we promote his trip (and his application) to the maximum. So we decided to enter the Unsung Heroes challenge which is an international competition where the best applications will be rewarded with a crap load a money (50k$, say what??!!).

The challenge takes place on their Facebook page:

Unsung Heroes – Facebook

If you would like to support us here is what you can do, it will take only one minute of your time and it could really help us to make sure Sami can complete his world tour (and give us some fresh air as Sami is pressurizing us like passengers on the NYC subway during rush hours! See what I mean ?!) :

1) Like the Unsung Heroes Facebook page (Unsung Heroes – Facebook)
2) Post a message on Unsung Heroes wall to say that we are the best in the world (including the other galaxies) and join to your post the picture you want amongst the 3 following ones:

(To add the image to your Facebook post, just right-click on it, then Save it on your desktop and add it to your post)

We thank you for your support, this challenge can really offer us a second breath and that would be awesome to be able to make Sami keep going on his world trip to let you meet other members of his huge family and enjoy new gameplays. So take a minute to share your love for our work on the Unsung Heroes Facebook page Unsung Heroes – Facebook

Thank you all and we will keep you posted 😉

SwAggY Entertainment


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