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Sami Barket is famous but this is Swaggy Dogs and Cats which get a namelift

mai 31, 2012

Hi all

Sami Barket iconAfter two free operations on Sami Barket in the first weeks of May it’s time for the results. We ran those sales without communication of any sort. We just wanted to see the effect of such operation. And what we can say is that: GREAT! During the 5 days of those sales we had 50k downloads, well beyond our expectations (20k max).

It was really interesting to obtain more visibility on Sami Barket because the game was still incognito on the App Store since its release last December. Moreover we realize that Sami is like a star in China :) (35k downloads). That was the good news balancing the bad one : the US still don’t care about Sami and we are still not sure to understand why (perhaps due to the fact that sheep is not a well known animal in that country). Whatever, we really enjoyed those results and we are confident that in the coming weeks we will increase a lot Sami’s visibility thanks to future free operations and to the next HUGE update we are working on for a couple of weeks. This update will bring more levels, more characters, a new gameplay, a level editor and other great stuff so stay tuned!

Other news : we notify you that our applications Swaggy Dogs and Swaggy Cats have their name changed. Now those apps are available on the App Store under the following names :  Dog – mini games and Cat- mini game.
It is easier to keep in mind and to find by using the App Store search 😉
Some promotionnal operations will occur in the coming weeks on both application (for Swaggy Cats it is scheduled this week end). So keep an eye on it 😉

Voilà. That’s all for today.

SwAggY Entertainment


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