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Some fresh news about Sami and our Belote apps

avril 3, 2012

Hi all,

We have been silent since the release of our big game Sami Barket: Slice Trip, only posting quick updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But other people (in France) talked about Sami and the less we can say is that they speak of him in a positive way:

– Review on JeuxVidéo.com :

– Rsview on ApplicationiPhone.com

– Review on Reactif.net

Despite those articles, the game has not (yet) meet success. We released it last December, hoping to take benefit of X-Mas but the big names (EA, Gameloft, …) low cost offers ruined every indy company hope. Lesson learned!

Nevertheless, thanks to all the great reviews on the App Store we still believe strongly in our game.
We reached an average of 4.5 stars over 1600 reviews so it’s clear that people who played the game loves it!

So we are going to update the game with great content in the coming months. New worlds, new characters, new power ups but also new gameplay and other great surprises that we are currently implementing. I guarantee that all this stuff will make you pleased!
We will also make sure that Sami is more visible on the US App Store because it’s the greatest place to be right now and being visible there means beoing visible everywhere else!

So be prepared: summer will be hot and Sami will be one of the reason of this wglobal warming.

Regarding our other applications, we can also brag a little bit because our 3 belotes apps reached a combined 350k downloads on the french App Store. That’s a lot!
We are going to try to bring Sami to this kind of numbers. He has great potential so it’s time to release the beast under the hood!

Off course, as a player, you are an important gear in the mechanic that make a game successfull by talking about it on your blog, facebook, tweeter or even in real life :)
So keep spreading the kind word about Sami Barket. We need you!

See you soon.

SwAggY Entertainment


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