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Sami Barket : « I want to reach the top of the App Store »

février 2, 2012


Sami Barket began his journey on the App Store in late 2011. He made ​​his mark. We accompanied him on this adventure by meeting his requests:

1) he wanted everyone enjoys the game he is the hero without worrying about being in WiFi or 3G. So we reduced the size of the application which is now less than 20 Mo

2) he wanted his adventure to be offered to iPad owners.  So we released Sami BarkeT:  Sliced ​​Trip HD last week.

3) he wanted a laudatory article of his game in order to read it, read it again, make others read it … short said, to flatter his ego. We had the chance to meet this demand without really doing anything:


4) Now Sami, loaded with tons of vitamins, decided to storm the App Store, its goal: reach the Top 5 so that the world finds out and share his adventure. We support him in his approach and we will try to help him achieve that goal.

Of course he warned us: « Guys, if I reached the Top 5, you’ll have to get back to work to provide updates, I want to travel to new worlds, make new friends, be prepared to rock the house!  »

We are ready for it.  Sami, is counting on us, we will not deceive him 😉

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