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Swaggy Dogs 2.0 & Swaggy Cats 2.0 hit the App Store

août 2, 2011

Hi everyone,

Yeah this is summer, yeah this is holiday time. But whatever, at SwAggY Entertainment, even when we work on our games during summer, it’s like vacation because we have great fun doing it!!

So let us inform you that we worked hard for a couple of weeks on upgrading our little pet games:

Swaggy Dogs 2.0 and Swaggy Cats 2.0 hit the App Store last week.

1) We have made design enhancements:

– new Home page
– retina display for iPhone 4

2) We added also a little spoon of social interaction:

– Gamecenter have been integrated (both achievements and leaderboards)
– Openfeint leaderboards

3) And other miscellanous stuff such as

– Push Notification support to keep you informed
– In App Purchase to allow the big fans of our little dogs and cats that don’t want to spend hours unlocking pictures in both portrait and landscape gallery to unlock all the pictures in it for just a little fee.

4) We also made a great improvement for our Lite versions. Guess what? They are no more Lite at all!! So we have changed their name: Swaggy Dogs Lite became Swaggy Dogs Free and Swaggy Cats Lite became Swaggy Cats Free.
Now, both application have the same content that the paid version. No more limitation! The only difference is that in the free versions we added ad support.

So now you can choose easily between both version!

After this short period of time passed on upgrading our Swaggy Collection apps, we are back on track on our next game we are talking about for a couple of months now. We are close to be able to give you full details on the app. We are doing our best to release it in a couple of weeks. But we want it to be a really great game that you love so we take our time to build it to fullfil our expectations.

So stay tuned!!

SwAggY Entertainment


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