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SAGE Calc release annoucement

juillet 26, 2010

Hi everybody,

we, at SwAggY Entertainment, are really proud to announce the release of our first iPhone application on the App Store.
Its name : SAGE Calc.
What does it mean ? SAGE means Sit And Go Ending and Calc is for Calculator.
The purpose of SAGE Calc is to provide poker tournament players with a tool based on the well known SAGE method to help them to make the best decisions during the final heads up of their poker tournaments and sit and gos.
SAGE Calculation takes as inputs the big blind value and the smallest stack value at the table as well as you pocket cards. It computes a strength for your hand and indicates to you if your best move is to go allin (if you are the first to act), to call your opponent’s allin (if he acts first) or to fold if your hand is too weak.

Using SAGE Calc you will be able to improve your skills in heads up confrontation. And when you look at the gap between prizes for 1st and 2nd places you can easily understand why it is so important to have an edge on your opponent at the end of the match.

SAGE Calc is a very simple application to use and we designed it in an original way so you will certainly enjoy using it during your SNGs and tournaments.

You can download SAGE Calc by following this link :

SAGE Calc (App Store US)

You can also try SAGE Calc by installing the Lite version that you will find here :

SAGE Calc Lite (App Store US)

So don’t hesitate and follow the steps :

1- be curious
2 – install SAGE Calc
3 – improve your game
4 – ?
5 – PROFITS !!

And please, make sure to rate SAGE Calc on the app store. Rates are very important for indy developers like us so don’t hesitate (and be advised that we LOVE the 5 stars ratings 😀 )

Regarding our future, our next application is almost completed and another one is on its way but we will talk about it in a few weeks.
Oh yeah ! SwAggY Entertainment is hot like the weather so stay tuned !

SwAggY Entertainement


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